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Gérald Claessens

Gérald Claessens

46 ans
Permis : Vehicule B (Voiture)
CV Gérald Claessens
Entrepreneur, Manager, Search Marketing Senior Consultant, Author
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Expériences professionnelles

2009 Founder Knewledge, Performance Marketing - Luxembourg
2007-2008 General Manager Hi-Media Belgium & Publicityweb - Brussels •    Increase sales from 5.000 K€ to + 8.000 K€
•    Broaden the market segments & develop new products and applications to increase gross margin.
•    Reorganize & merge the two companies.
2005-2007 General Manager Publicityweb (After acquisition by Hi-Media) - Brussels •    Increase sales from 600 K€ to 5.000 K€.
•    Integrate Publicityweb within the international structure of Hi-Media.
•    Develop the SEO and SEM market, hire & train a workforce of skilled professionals.
2000-2005 Founder & Managing Partner Publicityweb - Brussels & Neufchâteau •    Develop the foundations of a startup company and implement from scratch.
•    Develop emerging e-marketing strategies as profitable activities.
•    Sell the company to a big player at an international level.
1999-2000 Founder & Self-employed Publicityweb - Neufchâteau •    Explore emerging net based technologies as new advertising media.
•    Develop strategies to generate income from e-marketing activities.
•    Authored and published a book about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
1997-1999 Web developer Exceed - Luxembourg •    Develop websites, manage coordination between web designer and coder.
•    SEO.

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